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A question on WebmasterWorld has brought up a few interesting comments. As part of a search engine optimization program you may decide to include your own business blog – an activity I highly recommend. The question was, “What are the problems associated with getting loads of blog links?”. for 2018.

There were a wide range of views presented during the discussion. The general feeling was almost one of placing blogs as the second or perhaps even third class citizens of the online world. This can be an error in the thought processes as well constructed blogs can significantly improve the search engine positioning outcomes for any web site.

Links are an important component of any SEO program so a discussion such as this can be important to clarify some of the issues surrounding the topic. This discussion has not really addressed any of the real issues surrounding links from blogs. On the contrary, the general consensus was that blog links are fairly worthless, particularly once they ‘fall of the front page’.

Spam links can come from anywhere and blogs are certainly not the only source. A well constructed blog with good content and a sensible linking strategy adds just as much value to a sites search engine optimization program as does any other strategy.

Links from blogs certainly add authority to a website. They may not add as much value as .gov or .edu link, however is has long been assumed that they add more value than any other link.

Blogs are now part of the online world and they represent a good pathway for businesses to connect to their customers and interact with them. If your search engine optimization program is well prepared and conducted properly, blogs will not be only the only source of links. What is important is to develop a variety of authority links from a range of online entities. Having a balanced link building strategy will enhance your authority and search engine rankings so blogs, as just one of those entities, should not be seen as harming your long term search strategy.

Premium WordPress Themes – Relevant Links

Newbies – the new kids on the block. Fresh young websites that are still in diapers. These sites often show an unranked Google PageRank so is there any value in linking to, or more importantly from a search engine optimization perspective, getting linked from?

  • There are many quotes that come to mind, however, in plain terms, what may appear useless today could prove to be powerful down the road. The real art of search engine optimization is just reaching the top of the SERP’s, it is also about staying there, going the distance.
  • The only way you can plan for the future is by looking for related sites that are growing, developing their own inbound links and slowly improving their position. While they may have only a minor effect on your SEO outcomes in the short term; in the long term they will be valuable.
  • Obviously a little common sense is required. The pages must be relevant to your pages and the site itself there for the long haul. It is a waste of time and energy to build links from a site that will be gone tomorrow. Over time you can come recognize sites that are going to be short lived. The content is sparse, the site full of ads and they often provide little or no value.

Avoid those sites at all costs. On the other hand, sites that have good content and have been optimized for the search engines are, over time, going to acquire their own inbound links. As this happens their rankings will grow stronger and with it yours.

Young sites should hold no fears when it comes to linking so long as you do your home work first, but the key to remember is only partner and link with sites that you have a business relationship with, this will be valuable for everyone for sure!

Premium WordPress Themes – Site Explorer

There are times when even the best SEO program struggles to get a couple of places up the search engine ranking ladder to make to the front page. There are number of strategies you could apply; one of these uses Yahoo! Site Explorer.

The differences between being on the front page and being on page two often comes down to site age and the number of backlinks a site has. Pages that are appearing above yours in the SERP’s most likely have these extra backlinks.

You can use Yahoo! Site Explorer to investigate those pages and see which sites are linking in to them. On most occasions, their back links will differ substantially to yours. Those links may be opportunities that your efforts can capitalize on.

If those links are blogs then you can target them with a comment campaign. You are looking for links and you are looking for authority which may lead to more links so ensure your comments add value and are very valuable.

Non Blog or commercial sites may be approachable for links if they are closely related to your niche. If not direct links, then making yourself known to those web sites may assist in the relevant link building efforts.

By including the links that your competitors are receiving into your SEO program may help your site to climb those last few rungs in the SERP’s.